ATmega8 Controlled DIY Kit

The Atmega8 Based Bluetooth (HC-05) Controlled Do It Yourself DIY Kit is for all robotics enthusiasts starting from beginner level to expert level at economical cost. DIY Kit can be used in developing different Atmega8 based projects.It comes along with an Atmega8 board, motor driver L293D, HC-05 Bluetooth module, DC geared motor, robot chassis, caster wheel, nut-bolt pack and a screw driver. The chassis of Robot is made from acrylic material and is easy to assemble. Fully functional robot can be assembled within 15 mins.

Hardware Quantity
ATmega8 1
Development Board 1
Bluetooth HC-05 1
Bread Board 1
DC geared motor 2
Caster wheel 1
Rubber Wheels 2
Chassis 2
Pillar 4
Screw driver 1
Connecting wires M-M-10 , M-F-10
Nut bolt packet 1
USB cable type A/B 1
Steps to follow Bluetooth Controlled Kit Using ATmega8
Bluetooth Module Atmega8
Tx pin Rx pin
Rx pin Tx pin
GND pin GND pin
Vcc pin 5V Pin
  • Connect PC0, PC1, PC2, and PC3 of ATmega8 (Port C) with (in4, in3, in2, in1) is Motors driver.
  • Connect the USB cable with ATmega8 board & computer/laptop
  • Open ATMEL Studio Software
  • Create Sketch for Bluetooth controlled robot
  • Click on HID Boot Flasher and upload the code to microcontroller
  • Use Android mobile or smart phone go to play store
  • Search "Bluetooth controlled app"
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open the App make to connection with Bluetooth Device "HC-05"
  • Use the buttons to give commands for move forward, backward, right and left directions