RC AirCraft DIY Kit

This Do It Yourself RC Plane kit is for all robotics enthusiasts starting from beginner level to expert level at economical cost. It comes along with, ESC, BLDC Motor, Propeller, frame and connecting nut and bolt. This kit allows us to turn some readily available components into a quadcopter capable of taking stable flight. The craft will also include safety features so new pilots can feel confident flying the RC Plane. The kit also presents you with many opportunities

Hardware Quantity
BL DC Motor (1000KV) 1
ESC 30A 1
LIPO Battery 2200mAh 1
Propeller (10x4.5) 1
LIPO Battery charger 1
LN key 2: 3mm and 2mm
Fly sky T6B 1
Cable Tie 5
Steps to follow (for Ultrasonic Sensors):
  • Wings right
  • AL - aleiron left
  • AR - aleiron right
  • S - Establisher
  • E - Elevator
  • T - Tail
  • R - Rudder
Steps to follow:
  • Step1 : WL connect with WR tightly with lndustrial glue
  • Step2: connect with AL on WL with glue and same connect AR on WR
  • Step3 : connect wings on main body
  • Step4: connect stablisher with elevator and rudder connect with tail
  • Step5 : connect stablisher and rudder on the main body
  • Step6 : connect(SG90) one servo motor in elevator and (SG90)one servo connect with rudder
  • Step7: connect (MG90)servo motor for both aleirons
  • Step8: connect the BLDC(1000kv) motor on the front of main body and BLDC motor connect with ESC(30A)also connect landing gears
  • Step9: connect ESC with receiver CH3, aleiron servo motor with receiver CH1 , elevator servo motor with receiver CH2 , rudder servo motor with receiver CH4
  • Step10: receiver binds with transmitter and transmitter program with PC
  • Step11: connect battery and calibrate the ESC and run the motor
  • Step12: connect with propeller with BLDC motor