Line Follower DIY Robotic Kit

This DIY kit is for all robotics enthusiasts starting from beginner level to expert level at economical cost. It comes along with an Arduino Uno board, motor driver L293D, IR sensor module, DC geared motor, robot chassis, caster wheel, nut-bolt pack and a screw driver. The chassis of Robot is made from PVC unbreakable body and is easy to assemble. Fully functional robot can be assembled within 15 mins.

Hardware Quantity
Arduino Uno 1
Motor Driver L298N 1
IR sensor 2
Mini Bread Board 1
DC geared motor 2
Caster wheel 1
Rubber Wheels 2
Chassis 2
Pillar 4
Screw driver 1
Connecting wires M-M-10; M-F-10
Nut bolt packet 1
USB cable type A/B 1
Steps to follow (for IR Sensors):
  • Connections are mentioned below:

IR Sensor Arduino Uno
Output Pin of IR 1 Pin 6
Output Pin of IR 2 Pin 7
Vcc pin 5V pin
GND pin GND pin

  • Connect motor to motor driver shield and input pin of motor driver to Arduino digital pins (7, 8, 9, and 10).
  • Connect Arduino with computer/laptop through USB Cable
  • Open the Arduino Software in your computer/laptop
  • Create sketch for line follower robot in Arduino IDE
  • Click on upload option to upload the program in Arduino